KosmoGames - Bright Past - Version 0.73.1

KosmoGames - Bright Past - Version 0.73.1

The "Bright Past" will be a sandbox with a plot and an open world, but the project will be executed at a qualitatively new level. In this demo version you will get acquainted with the main character and some key characters, learn the background and get to know the setting a bit.

Year of issue: 2018
Genre: ADV, 3DCG, Sandbox, Female Protagonist, Big tits, Big ass, Lesbian, Masturbation, Handjob, Rape, Blowjob / Oral, Vaginal Sex, Sex toys, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Glory hole
Censorship: None
Developer / Publisher: KosmoGames
Platform: PC / Windows / Linux
Publication type: In development
Version: 0.73.1
Game language (plot): Russian + English + German
Interface language: Russian + English + German
Voice Language: Unknown / Other
System requirements (minimum):
HDD: 2.76 GB

Tennis event with Ruby
Tennis suit and racket for Alex (don't forget to take off your panties)
1 new animation
Acquaintance with 2 local residents and a redesigned event to find the key to the basement.
Basement cleaning and getting to know Rudo's dick up close.
Ruby was replaced by a new girl in the event with Kevin. This is due to my desire to develop Ruby's character in more detail. And now I think this event is illogical for this character.
A new small suitcase dismantling event at the very beginning of the game.
The backdrops of the courtyard and neighboring streets have been completely renewed.
Alex's car is now displayed in the yard.
A mirror appeared in the Glory Room.
The Combat Fagots event has been updated.
I also want to drop the quest menu. Now events will be tied to specific NPCs. So far only being tested.
1 bonus card
1 new achievement
Many old bugs have been fixed

Continuation of the Red Quarter line.
Acquaintance with the hostess and an interview.
New animation (the longest at the moment)
The possibility of multiple work in the Glory Room.
There is now a shower in the Glory Room.
The room has also been slightly updated.

Continuation of yoga lessons.
You can go home to Penny and receive one-to-one lessons.
New city block and several new locations there.
Yoga classes at home (without clothes).
Redesigned shower room in yoga class and some scenes there. And also the private lesson scene with Penny has been updated.

The possibility of repeated visits with Leo.
Updated first scene and animation.
New poses and endings.

A new cafe with unique sweets that temporarily enhance some characteristics (look in the Old Town). Includes 1 new NPC and 7 items to buy.
New masturbation animation at home.
Birth control pills have been added.
Facial sperm is now displayed on Alex's icon.
New images of the bus ride, and a random event.

Also have been updated:
Sunbathing on the beach
Sleeping on Rick's bus
Sitting and masturbating on a bench
Sitting on the bench, Alex can smoke.
A teacher’s room appeared in college where Alex could change clothes.
The coffee machine in college now works.
Valerie's reaction to Alex's tattoo.
New background music and sounds.
1 new bonus card.
Fix many bugs.

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