Whoremaker - Version 21 by Dopefish

Whoremaker - Version 21 by Dopefish

Whoremaker is designed to be part rapid-fire delivery system for porn gifs and images, part management game.
There is a story, but the focus of the game is on the management of slaves along with a large variety of different (sex) scenes.
Manage your own brothel with a stable of slaves.
Gay, Urination, and Sissification content is optional through game settings and player choices.

The debug password is 'Whoremaker'.

Patch Summary:
More Elli - There's new Elli-exclusive content, including some gameplay changes to make her a better potential earner.
More Jordan - Expanded upon Jordan's storyline with a new scene, and laid groundwork for more future content.
Slave Upgrades - All slave upgrades have been reworked, there's a bit of new content, and most other content has been re-written.
UI - Added an options menu and continued improving the UI - the sidebar and Management passage have been changed a bit - including a new look for Energy.
Synonyms - Reworked all of the synonym widgets to create more flexibility in writing, and to create a better and more varied experience for the player.
New Scenes - There are also several new scenes in the game to explore!
New Content:
PCProDomDaddy - a service male clients scene, including a feminine variant. (Written by Popirs)
Daydream1 - new variants after repeat viewings as well as when you've started to grow tits, including one new image. (Written by Sojourner)
Daydream2 - a gif-heavy day dreaming sequence involving titfucking. It has variants for repeat viewings and your breast size, just like Daydream1. (Written by Sojourner)
Daydream3 - a day dream about masturbating as a girl. It has several variations and a lot of images to go with it. (Written by Sojourner)
JordanDrunk - a scene which triggers after you've hired Jordan the Bartender and choose not to ignore the message in the scene where you hire him. (Written by Elboba, edited by Kris)
SlaveMakesBreakfast2 - a random event after any slave does anal. (Inspired by ChickenscratchRuskie)
RestaurantGloryholeStraightHighSub - another variant of the restaurant scene - and renamed the previous RestaurantGloryholeStraight to RestaurantGloryholeStraightLowSub. As should be clear from their names, they trigger depending on if the slave has high or low submissiveness. (Written by Kris)
Elli new has an exclusive scene for her HandjobUnlock. (Written by Kris)
Elli new has an exclusive scene for her BlowjobUnlock It has two variants, depending on if you've got high or low influence (or if you've gone down the Sissy Hypno path). (Written by Kris)
[Work in progress] Added a few ways to increase Elli's beauty - for now, there's a scene for the teeth-whitening but only placeholders for the other options.
Rewrote and recoded all of the IncreaseTits, IncreaseAss, and IncreaseLips variants. (Tons of help from Sojourner!)
Added an options-menu, for on-the-fly adjustment of various options instead of having them all at the start. You can now enable and disable fetishes while playing.
Moved the debug cheat for more money into the new options menu.
Added a new Debug Cheat, which will give you or slaves additional Energy.
Changed the look of the Energy-bar on the sidebar, it now counts in blocks of 100s, 50s, 10s, 5s, and 1s.
Added 11 new Worldbuilding scenes.
Updated the SlaveView page, you can now also change a slave's nickname.
BruceBeer event now has a variant for if you haven't met Bruce beforehand.
The first and third Service Male Client scenes now change if you have met Bruce beforehand.
Added a new image to the second variant of FirstMasturbationBreakWill.
Changes & Bugfixes:
Gameplay & Balance
Fixed the game from calling the non-existent scene HormoneTits6. (thanks to everyone who reported it!)
Made Non-Slave random events slightly more common, over Slave random events.
Disabled Spacebar-navigation on the SlaveView and SelfView pages to enable input of names with spaces.
IncreaseTits, IncreaseAss, and IncreaseLips now display "New Scene!" indicators like all other passages.
Graphical & Text
Made significant changes to the look of the sidebar, primarily making it more compact and changing the order of certain things.
Updated the stylesheet, removing a lot of margins and padding, as well as cleaning it up.
Fixed some minor typos here and there.
Minor textual edits to the intro passages.
Relabeled the optional "Sissy" fetish to the more accurate "Sissy & Hypno".
Renamed SlaveMakesDinner to SlaveMakesBreakfast, since that's what's actually happening.
Updated the tooltip for Beauty.
Changed the text colour in Inverted Colors mode to make it more easily readable against certain backgrounds, and fixed the worldbuildingbox from being totally unreadable in that mode.
Stopped you from creating additional rooms or trying to capture slaves once you've recruited all the ones in the game at this time.
Made minor changes to the look of Management, as well as what happens when you run out of energy.
Backend & Debug
Debug password is now case-insensitive ("Whoremaker", "whoremaker", "WhOrEmAkEr" etc are all accepted). Too many people thought the password had changed or was broken because they forgot to capitalize the W.
You can now turn Debug on and off at will after having enabled it once, instead of the ability to turn it off being one-way.
Implemented a small system that decreases the hassle of switching between private test builds and public releases, to make it easier to put out new versions, and makes silly mistakes from my side less likely.
Changed <> and <> from widgets to macros as they were printing extra spaces occasionally.
Added , a new colour for female characters in scenes with two at once.
Added , a copy of pi, specifically for Rebecca.
Added the widget <>, which takes an argument and adds an 's' if the argument is not equal to 1. (This just makes eg. "1 point/2 points" easier to code)
Hid away the TestPassage from the public release (even with debug enabled).
Added a new variable to slaves, SlaveBeautyModBonus, which allows for a flat bonus to be added to their BeautyScore.
Renamed a few images and moved others to subfolders.
Synonym Widgets
Overhauled all synonym widgets, changing the frequency of certain words, adding new synonyms and to make the widgets consistent.
Added rare synonyms for nipple and nipples (nip and nips).
Changed <> to use certain words more than any other synonym.
Changed <> to use the words "butthole", "asshole" or "arsehole" more than any other synonym, and added a few more rare synonyms.
Changed <> to use the words "pussy" or "cunt" more than any other synonym,.
(Earlier undocumented change) Changed <> to use the words "cum" or "jizz" more than any other synonym.
(Earlier undocumented change) Changed <> and related widgets to use the words "dong", "wang", "knob" and "rod" a lot less frequently.
Added <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, filling in the missing plural/singular ones.
Added <> and <>, synonyms for the action of urinating.
Updated the design document with the new synonym widgets, as well as some general formatting changes.
Added <> , which prints the type of underwear you're wearing.
Added <>, <> which prints either "girl" or "boy", depending on if the player is feminized or not.
Added <> which prints either "little girl" or "boy", depending on if the player is feminized or not.
Synonym widgets for bodyparts now takes an optional argument, the size of the bodypart in question, and returns either Tiny, Small, Normal, Large, or Huge synonyms for the bodypart. Updated the Desc-widgets accordingly.

Known bugs:
Some pages will not display correctly on small resolutions or in phone browsers. Try to zoom in or play the game in a larger window to fix.
ToolTips might appear in the wrong place if you're running the game in a small window.
Images sometimes don't show up when playing the game on mobile. Make sure it's extracted properly - or try a different browser.
ToolTips might appear too large while playing on mobile, blocking certain buttons.
Extra spaces are sometimes inserted in text where they don't belong.

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