Connected - Version 0.2.5 + Compressed Version by ChainZero Win/Mac/Android

Connected - Version 0.2.5 + Compressed Version by ChainZero Win/Mac/Android

As a baby, you were put up for adoption. You were adopted by a single father, looking to fill a void in his own life and 19 years later, you grow to become a nice young man looking for something to do in life, trying to get your young life figured out. Right on cue, the opportunity to learn about yourself is presented to you when your birth mother who has unfortunately been diagnosed with terminal illness reaches out to you to meet you for the first time. But as you meet her, you learn that you were only one child that she had put up for adoption. The truth is, you have a beautiful twin sister that you were separated from. Now reunited, you find your way through life together, but it's hard when you've never had a familial bond in the first place.


- 190 new renders (doesn't account for a few last second additions)

- 10 new animations (2 animations with different perspectives)

- Added a folder with the custom renders I've done so far

- There are no choices to be made in this half aside from picking a nickname for yourself. So just click and enjoy for now. You will begin having impactful choices soon.

- Various typo fixes from 0.2

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