LittleMan Remake - Version 0.2 + Walkthrough by Mr.Rabbit Win/Mac/Android

LittleMan Remake - Version 0.2 + Walkthrough by Mr.Rabbit Win/Mac/Android

A man with a poor childhood tries his best to overcome and forget, but nightmares pursue them, and he feels he needs to do something, by finding an artifact that will give him a chance to fix his life and bring him a lot of fun​

Game Mechanics:

0.1 Save Games are no longer compatible. (We will do our best to prevent it from happening again.);
Typing "gen-pervious-save" when starting a new game will provide you a save game with all 0.1 content concluded, after that you can put any nickname you want;
New Grinds added to the game;
All 0.1 Grinds (and some of 0.2) gives now +2 points instead of +1;
Pratice speech and Sleep options now provide Cutscenes;
The dissolve effect was removed from normal Scenes and Menu screens; 
Now the objective menu show the "???" objectives even if you don't know the character; 
BUG: Day is not passing when sleep on Linda Grind is fixed;
Added some sound effects;
Race Minigame implemented.
New Art: 

New scene with Linda;
New character, Molly;
2 New scenes with Molly;
New scene with Brittany;
Cutscenes implemented;
New animations;
Old scenes animated;
Brittany Bust Rework;
Hug scene, partially reworked.
I hope you like this build, we are listening to the Feedback, we changed some things to improve the gameplay for everyone.

Some Tips:

If you don't have any "???" in the list of objectives, you have finished the build.
Some scenes need you to ask the character to follow you to other rooms.

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