Glassix - Version 0.57.0

Glassix - Version 0.57.0

Two years after the death of the father, the mother decides to move the whole family to a new city. Your daily life turns over when the supposedly dead father gives you some weird glasses ...

You follow the story of the main character, who picks up a suspicious object. These glasses allow him to see through clothes and use some orders on his goal to make them more susceptible to rather peculiar tasks ...
During the story, you will pursue several goals that will introduce you to the townsfolk and in your free time, you will be able to roam around the city and communicate with them, giving them orders that they can or will not be able to follow depending on their relationship and obedience to relation to you.
All your decisions affect how they see you, leading to a different evolution of the story.

The game uses a system of subordination and communication to determine whether the girl will follow your orders. You can increase the relationship of the girl and her obedience by giving simple orders and you will have to train them daily to make them more obedient.
There are 4 levels of obedience and every time you reach a certain amount of obedience, you will have the opportunity to participate in a special event with a girl to unlock the next level of obedience.

Year of release: 2016
Release Date: 2020/02/21
Genre: 3DCG, SLG, ADV, All sex, Oral, Titsjob, Hypnosis
Censorship: Missing / There is a patch to remove
Developer / Publisher: Gaweb Studio
Platform: PC / Windows
Edition type: Under development
Tabletka: Not Required
Version: 0.57.0
Game language: English, Russian
Interface language: English, Russian
Voice Language: Unknown / Other
System requirements (minimum): Windows OS (probably will not work on XP and older versions), HDD 2.42 Gb

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