Desired Love - Version 0.06.3 SE by VEGA Studio

Desired Love - Version 0.06.3 SE by VEGA Studio

You play as male protagonist, you live normal everyday life. Some events will change it however and it will be on you how you will deal with them. Your choices may, or may not get you what you desire.​


added Julia's scene

added Emily's interaction scene

remastered Julia's first morning scene, twice as long, 2x30fps animations

new reworked GUI

added smoother transitions between rooms and locations

added music

added sound effects

changed main menu buttons style

added main menu credits screen

source code maintenance

images maintenance

variables maintenance, changed and deleted old (You may get an immediate error screen after load, pass it with pressing 'Ignore' button. This unfortunately is a byproduct of backwards compatibility.)

bug fix map, crash when accessing map during night

bug fix scene replay, crash when accessing Amanda's scene

fixed 'Return' button in main menu, disabled right click to prevent background bug

various minor bug fixes

fixed some Katherine's scene text inconsistencies

fixed text typos

Notice: Saves are still backwards compatible with previous versions (0.04, 0.05 and all their iterations), planned backwards compatibility until version 0.1. This may change with engine rework.

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