Bio Sapiens - Rabbit Burn v1.08

Bio Sapiens - Rabbit Burn v1.08

As a result of desperately inducing the dark evolution of a cue sports game
that reminds us pre-installed games in old PCs thanks to the modern technology,
I saw the birth of a chaotic game where a half-naked rabbit man and
a bunny girl run around exploding flames and have sex orgies.

Receiving a strange email, you are abducted by a rabbit-masked man.
He brings you to a casino named "Rabbit House".
There a game like a sex orgy party takes place.
When you conquer all the stages, you will be welcomed as a new owner of the casino.

Main System
Thinking that it is a classic cue sports game, but a sex orgy suddenly begins...
When you shoot a ball your character takes action automatically.
Let's get guys out of the way and lead your character to r*pe all bunny girls.

Collection Mode
In this mode, you can call any character you like to see H scenes thoroughly.

Year of release: 2018
Release Date: 2018/07/17
Censorship: Missing / There is a patch to remove
Developer / Publisher: Bio Sapiens
Platform: PC / Windows
Edition type: Original (license)
Tabletka: Not Required
Version: 1.08
Game language (plot): Japanese + English
Interface Language: Japanese + English
Voice Language: Japanese
System requirements (minimum): CPU: 2GHz, Memory: 4GB, HDD: 1GB, Video: 2GB, DirectX: DirectX11.

ChangeLog 1.08
Function addition
· Stop time in VIP room · Hide map · Add help · save function.
· Supplemental explanation added with tutorial mode · option.
- Adding directing during game, remaining turn until enemy resurrection is indicated by gray gauge.
· Edit mode · Added menu for debugging during test play.

Bug Fix
· Fixed typographical correction
· Partial motion correction
· Partial materials, texture correction

Specification change
- Change the loading system when switching scenes.
· After switching to the character camera, expand the click range when returning to sighting mode.
· Reduced time lag to shot when returning to aiming mode.
· Changed the game to work in the background.
That's it.

This update mainly focuses on the enhancement of end content
Improve comprehensibility, system optimization.

VIP Room
Setting save & load function, pause · Map On / Off · Help added.
I think that it was troublesome to the ground to go through the setting of 6 characters for each item every time,
We made it possible to save the setting and arrangement of characters.
If you save it you will be able to load instantly.

Edit mode
Debug option added during test play.
During the test play from Debug
I can not end the game, invincibility of characters, instant death,
Increase / decrease / fix of turn, Timer 0 · Fixed etc.
The command menu will be available.
Even for the editing creation,
I think that you can play as endless & cheat mode.

It is nowadays, improvement of confusingness which has been said since the beginning of release.
Toggle ON / OFF switching was added from options.
Also, as a hint message when selecting a stage
Part of the text of the tutorial is randomly displayed.

UI extension
Improved understandability without explanation by addition of production and adjustment of UI.
After the enemy's death, the gray gauge has increased to the HP bar,
I made it possible to see the remaining turn until next resurrection.

System optimization / specification change
I changed the specifications when switching scenes of games.
Feelings may be getting a little earlier.
Also change the specification so that the game will work in the background.
You can play while.

Other modifications such as typographical error, texture, material, motion etc.

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