Heisendou - Your Wife's Unfaithful Routine

Heisendou - Your Wife's Unfaithful Routine

You want to give your wife, Miwa Kitagawa, to another man.
And, if possible, the protagonist genuinely wants to look into his wife's cheating.
On the other hand, your wife also wants to "play" not with her husband, but with another man, and wants to enjoy sex.
Manipulate both husband and wife to fulfill their desires.

This game is a game in which you explore the map and look for "H" events.
On weekdays, the player manipulates the wife to have an affair with a man other than her husband, and on weekends, Saturdays and Sundays, the player manipulates her husband to spy on his wife enjoying the affair.
This is an uncomplicated game, so please just enjoy it.

Release year: 2022
Release date: 2022/10/22
Genre: jRPG, Female Heroine, Male Hero, NTR, Married Woman, Netorare, Straigt, Ahegao, Anal, Big Tits, Titsjob, Creampie, Blowjob, Bukkake, Voyeurism, Housewives, Gangbang, Squirting, Consensual
Censorship: yes
Developer/Publisher: Heisendou
Platform: PC/Windows
Publication type: Pirate (unofficial)
Medication: Not required
Version: 1.0
Game language (plot): Japanese
Interface language: Japanese
Voice language: Japanese

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