t japan - Science Fiction

t japan - Science Fiction

While I did not know it, the child of the childhood friend Noa which I liked became the bitch of the nonvirgin….

Certain summer vacation.
In the coRio (nonvirgin) of the woman of the childhood friend that chief character, yota (Male virginity) of the common student whom there was anywhere came to the house to play and for some reason naughty development….
"You want to do Sex with me, too"…? Outrun you; the forth……」
He is drowned to the weak meat of a woman tasting it for the first time while being puzzled over the active temptation of the baby which I liked first….
(a favorite child for the setting called the nonvirgin in a sentence a few be cut out, and there is description.) Please be careful;)
■Work specifications
Full voice full animation 3DCG which was performed rendering of in tounshiedo.
Be the loop Anime of 4 angles in each motion each.
Rub Fellatio (2 motions), a chest, and suck a breast,
Return missionary position, side rank, flexural rank, manguri
Meeting seat rank, station lunch, Astride position, rear-entry position (2 motions)
(to go out one time of buccal discharge as for the finish in the main part is two times of Intra-Vaginal Ejaculation once)
Anyway, were particular about Anime-like, and hit 2 frames of 24 second interval flame, and produced 3 top da chide.
Prepare 1 top da Chino full Anime ver. for a person to move slipperily (only as for each loop Anime and Intra-Vaginal Ejaculation finish).

Release date: 2013/05/29
Genre: 3DCG, Animation, Oral sex, Straight
Censorship: In-game
Developer / Publisher: t japan
Platform: PC / Windows
Publication type: License
Tabletka: Not required
Game language: Japanese
Interface language: Japanese
Voice Language: Japanese
System requirements: [PC] WindowsXP / Windows8; CPU 2GHz; Memory 1GB; HDD 1GB; VIDEO 124x768; DirectX 6.1; Windows Media Player 7
Can be enjoyed with a Fu mode displayed after clear. The speed is changeable to three phases.

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