How to download and install adult games from SVSPORNGAMES

How do I download Porn Games:
First, choose your favorite game on the SVSPORNGAMES site. Once on the game page, find the area with a big Download button, click on it.
1. Now you go to FlorenFile where all the games on our site are kept.
2. We recommend to choose paid tariff in order to have an opportunity to download games without limitation in speed. 
3. After you purchased a subscription you can download porn game

How to install an adult game:
After you have downloaded the game, you must follow these steps:
Make sure you have decompression software (archives) installed on your computer or Mac. If you don't have decompression software installed, you can download and install one of the following:

1. Open the download folder.
2. Right-click the game and unzip it into a separate folder. 3.
3. Open the folder where the game was extracted and run the game launcher.
4. Enjoy the best porn game.

How to install composite games for adults:
Compound games are now easy to play. First of all, as we mentioned above, you need to have software to unpack . After that, you must do the following steps:
1. Download the game
2. Go to the download folder
3. Select all parts of the game.
4. Extract them to the same folder
5. Open the folder and play the game by double-clicking the launcher.
6. Enjoy the porn game.

How to install compressed parts of adult games
Typically, compressed parts of games are new features added to an older version. Sometimes you can play a compressed version without having access to a save or the old route. Compressed games can be overwritten on the older version you have. Below we show you how to overwrite a compressed file in an older version of the game.
1. Download the compressed file.
2. open the download folder
3. right click on the compressed file
4. Extract them to the same folder
5. Open the folder
6. Select all files
7. right-click - Copy
8. Paste the copied files into the folder of an older version of the game (Overwrite All).
9. Double-click on the launch panel of the game
10. Enjoy

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